WTF is this? - An Intro

WTF is this? - An Intro

Well hello there, it's my birthday! Welcome to my blog party! If you're looking for a highly caffeinated girl with ADHD who doesn’t enjoy talking about herself but is trying, then you've come to the right place. 

This blog is basically a space where I ramble on about my experiences trying to be a normal human thing. Just kidding, we don’t fit in boxes here. I do ramble though. This is my journey as an artist, rebel, and chaos-causing shit-poster.

I share all the things I like and do. I wear many hats - artist, rebel, web developer and designer, and professional chaos creator (no really, I get paid for it). Oh, and I'm a certified shit poster too, both online and in real life.

As a web developer and designer, I spend my days crafting digital masterpieces and wreaking havoc on the internet. When I'm not glued to my computer screen, you can find me playing in the dirt. I love gardening, hiking, and paddling - anything that gets me away from screens and technology for a while.

So buckle up, sassy friend, because this blog is going to be a wild ride. 

Let me please start by introducing myself. My friends call me “Silence”.

Not even kidding a little bit. I was given this nickname back in my 20s because I’m just not one to talk a whole lot, and I get quieter the more people are paying attention. That being said, I also won’t stfu if I’m truly comfortable with you and we’re not in a large group. I tend to shit post in real life. I’m a little insane, and I’m not really sorry for that. So the name is also a joke.

When my friends aren’t poking fun at my quiet-ish nature my friends call me Her Highness, which also includes Her High Ass, but mostly it's just Indi. That’s what everyone else tends to pick up on as well.

I'm a mother of one fiery young lady, an advocate and rescuer of the derpiest breed of dogs known to man, and a spoonie warrior. I have been a Dancer, an Athlete, Designer, Developer, a Mortician, and a Vet Tech, and in with all of that waitstaff. I have worked 2 and three jobs at a time and even taken odd jobs. I have explored many things that I loved. Life’s path, and my heart, kept me on digital art. (I like writing poetry too but it's not usually that bad.)

I have been working as a designer and developer for almost half of my life now. I love the energy of watching a small business owner see their dream come alive. It just makes my heart do all the acrobatic things. I mean, how can it not fill one with love?!

I’ve always taken freelance work, and for some odd reason haven’t created a space for people to find me. Crazy right? So that’s what you’ve stumbled upon. I thank you for being here and making it this far through this post.

You see, in all honesty, creating a social presence is really hard for me. It gives me some major anxiety and I never know what to say. I’m great at the technical end of things, but I really struggle with the social. 

That being said, the forward-facing portion of my business is a work in progress, and sometimes I might seem a little absent. I’m sorry for that. I promise even if I seem absent, I am far from it. I can only do so much, and I place most of my focus on client services. So I’m probably working really hard on turning someone’s dreams into a reality. (Or writing a post fifty times and deleting it.) Either way, I’m here. I thank you bunches for sticking around. You’re petty rad for that. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Looking for a quote? Please request one using the RBF Grafix link, here, or in the navigation bar at the top or bottom of any page. I promise not to bother you, I'm silent, remember?

What you've also found here is my gift shop. As cheesy as it sounds, I love making people smile. What better way than with gifts? It also allows me the ability to create without the mandates of others. These two businesses lend me the ability to not have to work a standard 9-5 job. I may work more hours, but I get to choose what those hours are. Please take a look around.

This blog specifically is a look into my personal life. I’ve been told by some that I’m a little difficult to get to know. I’m also told that you like a peek into the artist's life. So this is a place for me to express myself, and talk about the things I’ve done and the things I’m interested in. I also understand some people could care less about the personal side of things. So if you’re looking for the shop blog, you can find that by clicking on the We Sassy link in the navigation bar at the top of any page.

I’m new to blogging so you have been warned. I’m also a bit chaotic and I love and embrace my chaotic nature. You might want to buckle up. This might be a wild ride. I’ll probably start blogging about 2020 and the changes I’ve made since then and try to bring the blog up to the present.

The thing is, I’m a really big “live in the moment type of person”. So odds are there won’t be live updates just talking about things as they have happened.

At the beginning of 2020 I had recovered from a string of several surgeries and some serious medical issues. More than the chronic illness I live with. I was ready to start some new routines and get back to some old hobbies. O even started the process of selling my home. Then the pandemic hit. I got COVID before it was really in the news. My daughter's entire school was so sick they closed for a few days. At this time they were still calling it a flu outbreak. It wasn’t until we started getting better, in March that news of COVID really hit. At that moment my life started to change, and I didn't even realize exactly how much until almost two years later.

In a few weeks after we got sick, my daughter's school closed for the school year. This was March 2020, the week before St Patrick's Day. Everything was closing around us and we were being asked to stay at home.

The school was offering study groups, but they quickly became uncontrolled video chat playtime. On top of the fact that where we lived had horrible Internet options. We were looking at 25 mbps up with town-wide outages at best. Yet the school wanted everyone in live video chats. The entire district. You can imagine how that went.

The study groups weren't required and the kid did not like sitting through them, so we quit. I purchased learning material for the grade level she was performing at and we studied on our own finishing out her school year on our own. We also had to put selling the house on hold for many reasons beyond our control. This honestly ended up being a great thing. I’ll write about that later. Promise.

When school started the next year, they still were going to try live video classes. We withdrew from school and started homeschooling. I'll write about this more because I think it is a really fun experience. I was so afraid at first but it ended up being the best decision I ever made for her education. I wish I had done it sooner.

So now we're at home every day and need something to do besides study and stare at the walls. Still in the chaos of people getting sick and throwing tantrums in public and myself with medical issues, we needed something to do that wasn’t crawling with people.

We started hiking together. I was able to start something I loved and share it with my daughter. I'll write more about that too. I had to drag her along at first, but she absolutely loves it now.

So we're spending more quality time together, staying active, and my daughter is able to study at the level she is performing at instead of the school mandated curriculum. In the middle of a pandemic we somehow ended up living our best life.

Man, there was some guilt that came with that too. We felt bad being so happy in the face of so much pain and loss. Now don't get me wrong, we felt pain and loss as well. We lost so many people we love. Many of which we weren't able to mourn traditionally. Which raised a lot of questions about tradition in general. School, work, how and where we live. Lots of reassessing, lots of processing.

Through it all, we just did our best to appreciate what we did have. Not only did this help us get past our grief, this inspired us to create more instances to be grateful for. We spent a lot of time working on ourselves and our home. I had a general budget, but I needed something that paid more than bills. I wanted to build wealth and I needed to learn how to do that. I spent a lot of time learning about personal finance. A lot of time cussing my schools for not teaching me more as well. There was so much to learn, so much that changed how I viewed the world and how I looked at every decision I was making in life. I already knew how to be frugal and I knew how to hustle to make my money work for me. I did not know the scale at which I could make this happen.

My ADHD was my saving grace here and I hyperfocused my way into learning how to make a financial plan. I learned how to invest, how to fix my credit, and how to leverage that credit to make everything I purchased cheaper. All without acquiring any debt. Actually, all while diminishing the debt I did have.

So basically these trying times created a whole wtf situation, and I turned it into a creative journey to better my life and the life of my family. I’ve recovered from several surgeries and learned how to live with a chronic illness. Learned how to leverage my own credit and financial data to better my finances. Sold my home and leveled up into an even better home, which I consider a living investment. One that has the potential to pay for itself in many ways.

The property is energy efficient as well as runs on renewable energy. My goal is also to raise 80% of the produce we consume. All while running my businesses, homeschooling, staying active, exploring nature, and growing wealth to leave for my daughter. This blog is that chaotic journey.


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