Smart Sassery Media Kit

Smart Sassery is a one-of-a-kind shop that offers a unique blend of sarcastic, elegantly creepy, and bookish designs transformed into wonderful accessories for your everyday life. With a passion for manipulating ordinary items into magical moments, memories, and smiles, the owner has created a collection of handmade jewelry, clothing, mugs, printable planner stickers, bookmarks, note cards, and wall decor.

Specializing in printing and design, the owner quickly expanded to include matching items for desks and personal wear. Every item is made in the USA and shipped from the US, with a focus on quality and ethical production. Custom design services are also available for personal and business use, drawing on the owner's 20 years of design experience.

While Smart Sassery has a presence on Etsy, the biggest collection can be found on the website, including a section dedicated to fandom items. Whether you're looking for a unique gift or an accessory to brighten up your day, Smart Sassery has something special to offer. Thank you for supporting this small shop and helping to make dreams come true.


Smart Sassery Logo Stamp