Winter Sales

We've got a lineup of sales that will make this nightmare before Christmas a bit easier to handle. But hey, before we dive into the festivities, let's tidy up those dates and get things in order. Gotta keep those holiday preparations on point!

Oh, and just a friendly reminder, orders placed after December 11th may not make it in time for the big day, so plan ahead if you want those gifts to arrive before December 25th. We don't want any disappointed faces when the sleigh is unable to work its magic in time.

Winter Sale Guide


Star Maps Savings - Nov 17-23

Buy one, save 30% on the second with code EpicGifts. This sale is for email subscribers, sign up below.

Free Shipping - Nov 24-27

Free shipping on orders over $75. This sale is open to everyone.

Save on Posters - Nov 24-30

Save 20% on all poster art with code DeckTheWalls. This sale is for email subscribers, sign up below. Combine with free shipping offer.

Holiday Sales - Dec 1-8

Free shipping on orders over $100. This sale is for IG & Twitter followers, check social for codes,

15% off all orders with code HappyHolidays. Combine discounts to maximize savings. This sale is for email subscribers, sign up below.

Important Note

Orders placed after Dec 11 may not arrive by Christmas, plan accordingly.

Star Map Savings

For all you heartfelt gift-givers who are into star maps, from November 17th to 23rd, when you buy one star map, you'll save 30% on your second one. Just use the code EpicGifts to make your holiday sparkle in the most celestial way possible. This sale is open to everyone subscribed to our email list. Thank you.

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Free Shipping

The first sale open to the public will be from November 24th to 27th, it's time to treat yourself to some seriously sweet savings. We're talking free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Who needs to fight their way through crowded stores when you can snag awesome gifts from the comfort of your own home? Leave the hustle and bustle to the plebs, my sassy friend.

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Save on Poster Art

Now, here's another deal for all you email subscribers. Our Deck the Walls sale will be from November 24th to 30th. Get ready to amp up your home decor game with 20% off all poster art purchases. Use the code DeckTheWalls to unlock this discount. Oh, and here's a little insider tip - you can even combine this sale with the free shipping offer. So go ahead, grab two more!

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Savings & Shipping

Now, mark your calendars for December 1st to 8th because we've got something special in store. These will be the last of the pre-holiday sales. If you're a social media follower (hey there, Insta and Twitter fam!), you'll be treated to free shipping on orders of $100 or more. Just keep an eye out for the shopping code on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. And here's a little something for our email subscribers too - enjoy a merry 15% savings on all orders with the code HappyHolidays. You savvy shoppers can even combine these discounts to stretch that holiday budget further!

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Now, it's time for us to sign off and let you get your holiday shopping on. But before we go, don't forget to share the joy of these wickedly good sales with your sarcastic sisters. Sharing is caring, after all. Happy shopping, my sassy friends!

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