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RBF Grafix

Personalized Star Map Compact Mirror

Personalized Star Map Compact Mirror

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This is an add-on for Star Maps


This personalized compact mirror is the perfect makeup gadget for touching up on the go. Made to be travel-friendly, cute, and shiny, it comes with a secure-snap friction closure, a sleek round shape, and a metal finish for extra stylish points.

Please purchase a round Star Map design to place on this item. If you order a design-only version of your Star Map you can have it printed on one of these items instead of a poster.

If you order a star map poster you can also order one of these items with the star map of the poster you ordered without needing to buy the design-only option as well. If you want a new star map you will need to purchase that design. 

  • Secure snap friction closure
  • Material: Metal case with interior dual glass mirrors
  • Customizable white metal insert
  • Purchase Star Map Design


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