Giving Fine Art as Gifts; Care and Choosing a Print Size

Giving Fine Art as Gifts; Care and Choosing a Print Size

Hey sassy friend. So you want to give the gift of fine art? How sweet! Let's get you schooled on how to choose the right poster size, so you don't end up giving your friend a microscopic masterpiece or a giant monstrosity that won't fit in their space.

Choosing your Print Size

First things first, when it comes to poster size, bigger is not always better. Consider the space where the artwork will hang. Is it a tiny apartment or a grand mansion? You don't want to overwhelm the space or leave it feeling empty. A good rule of thumb is to choose a size that complements the room's scale.


9 x 11 print size for reference(9 x 11 print size for reference)

But how do you know what size that will be? Well, my sassy little rebel, it's time to whip out the measuring tape. If it’s for you, measure the wall space where the artwork will hang. If you're not sure what size you want, use painter's tape to mark off different sizes until you find the perfect fit.


20 x 16 print size for reference(20 x 16 print size for reference)

Now, if you're giving art as a gift, you might not know the recipient's wall dimensions. No problem, we've got you covered. A standard poster size is 24" x 36", but don't be afraid to go smaller or larger depending on the space. A smaller size like 18" x 24" is perfect for a cozy apartment, while a larger size like 36" x 48" is great for a spacious living room.


Poster sizing examples for choosing the right size for your art(Comparing print sizes)

Keep in mind the type of art you're gifting. Is it a busy abstract or a simple black and white photograph? Busy artwork can benefit from a larger size, while simpler pieces can stand out in a smaller format.

One more thing to consider is the frame. A larger frame will make the artwork appear even bigger, so choose a frame that's in proportion to the poster size. And if you're really feeling fancy, opt for a custom frame to take your gift to the next level.

24 x 36 print size for reference(24 x 36 print size for reference)

Caring for Your Prints

Now, let's talk about how to open and care for them. Your posters will come on their own, rolled up in a mailing box or tube, no matter if you ordered other items or not. So, when you receive your package, be careful when opening it. You don't want to accidentally slice your precious poster in half.

Once you've got your hands on your poster, it's time to flatten it out. You can do this a couple of ways. One option is to lay it flat with some heavy objects on top of it for a few days. Or, if you're feeling brave, you can roll the poster (VERY CAREFULLY) in the opposite direction and then lay it flat for a few days. Just be sure to handle it with care so you don't damage the poster.

Now, the best way to display your poster is by framing it. This will not only keep it flat but also provide some protection and make it way easier to clean. But if you don't want to frame it, just wipe it down with a dry cloth regularly to keep it looking spiffy.

So there you have it, friend. You know how to size and care for the prints you order. Now go out there and give the gift of fabulousness!

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