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Hello Sassy Friend

Welcome to my caffeinated corner of the internet! I'm a girl with ADHD who's trying to talk about herself more. Join me on my journey as an artist, rebel, chaos-causer, and certified shit-poster. I wear many hats - web developer, designer, and professional digital troublemaker. When I'm not creating online mayhem, I'm playing in the dirt with my love for gardening, hiking, and paddling. This space is where I share my designs and experiences. Buckle up, sassy friend, and get ready for a wild ride!


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Custom Artwork

If you're interested in getting some custom art, I'm happy to take requests. I accept crypto or plain old fiat. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind poster, tee, or NFT, just let me know and I'll create a commissioned piece just for you. To secure your spot in line, be sure to request a piece. Let's be real, the wait can get a little lengthy. So you better plan ahead unless you want to be stuck waiting forever.

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Buy Me Tacos

If you are interested in supporting my taco habit, you can send me tacos! Tips can be made in crypto by tapping 'Taco Me' below. You do not need to create accounts for this.