Reviews Are Live

Reviews Are Live


Sorry about yelling, I was excited. Ha. So typically I ask that you leave a review on Google because I didn’t have reviews available in my shop.

Now, you can do both!

Please do both. <3

They help my little shop in different ways. One is helpful for placement in Google search and ads, while the other serves as help to new shoppers that might be looking around. 

If you have ordered a product that I am currently offering in my shop, may I ask you to please leave a review in my shop? All you have to do is navigate to that page and scroll to the bottom of the listing to leave a review.

Anyone that has ordered through direct invoicing, Etsy, or Auctions; you can leave a review on products too! That means if you have ordered through another venue you still ordered through my shop. Yep, even PayPal. It all goes through this shop. If you need any help please use the chat bubble at the bottom of any page to ask. 

Leave Shop Reviews Here

Leave Google Reviews Here

You can also recommend my shop any way you want, irl, social, chat, email... I’m sure you know how to do that better than I. Sharing is caring. My business has been built via word of mouth, so your words matter, oh so much.

Thank you! <3 

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