Let's Talk About Ads

Let's Talk About Ads

I know, snooze fest, but I’m just trying to be transparent. There won't be a pop quiz, promise.

First and foremost lets talk about my ads and data. My shop is currently growing. YAY! Pretty excited!  With that comes new opportunities and tools. I am now big enough with my own shop space that I am able to collect and utilize the same data bigger companies are pulling from social media. These are settings you have control of in your own user settings, and things you opt into when you accept their terms and conditions. Big difference here, I am not selling or sharing any of your information. I won't. Ever.

I am also currently working on rolling out my email marketing. You can sign up for emails at the bottom of any page. I have been collecting email addressed for years but have not used them beyond sending sales info or big news every so often. I have been learning, and now I’m ready (almost) to make these email subscriptions better for you. I am working on starting a monthly series with news, new items, and blog posts. I also use them for advertising, along with social advertising, targeting customers that have visited my site. I will be sending reminders that you have items in your carts, and other product related emails. This includes tracking emails after purchases. Nothing has changed from the day your op-ed in to these, I'm just explaining it myself. Instead of relying on the fine print to tell ya. 

Lastly I’d like to talk quickly about ad links, also called referral links and affiliate links. I have services I talk about that give us compensation when you start using them. I have a list of all the links like this listed below. Not only do I get compensation, these are businesses I use and love. Plus there are savings in it for you too. The rest of the businesses I share, I earn no compensation from. 


Free Listings on Etsy

Get 40 free listings on Etsy when you finish setting up your shop using my link. Shop setup must be completed. 


Free Trial on Shopify

I am a Certified Shopify Partner. I have been building Shopify Stores since 2015. Please use this link for a free trial or let me build a shop for you.


Free $30 with Mailchimp

Sign up for Mailchimp's paid services and get a $30 credit. I'm completely Mailchimp Certified and help you with setup or managing your account.


Grove Free Gift Set

Grove is a home and beauty delivery service. Get a free gift set with your first order. 


Trello link

 Trello is my favorite service for organization. I use it paired with Google   Drive and Calendar. I am also able to link emails from Gmail. 


Google Workspaces

RBF Grafix clients can recieve 10% off select Google Workspace plans. Talk to me about this when we are creating your project brief. 


Free Books 
Bookbub gives your free and discounted books. It's also a social platform where you can follow friends and authors as well as rate books


Coinbase Free Bitcoin $10

Use Coinbase's services to buy and sell crypto, or accept payments. Use my link and get $10 free in Bitcoin when you buy or sell $100.

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